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  • What is the Cabinet of Curiosities?
    Cabinets of Curiosities were collections of natural history artifacts kept by many early practitioners of science and their patrons, and were precursors to natural history museums. Our collection offers an eclectic selection of gifts and home décor items that challenge the mind as well as the eye. Our stores reflect these ideals. At AM-Living, you never know what you will find within our Cabinet of Curiosities…
  • Do you have geographically 'up to date' globes?
    A leader in antique replica globes, AM-Living globes are historically accurate. We do not carry modern-day globes.
  • How are your globes made?
    Our globes are meticulously handcrafted using the complicated ‘gravure’ printing process that results in the sharpest details, lines and symbols, even on the smallest globe. Wrought iron stands are hand forged. Copper-plate printed gores are hand applied to a papier-maché core. All AM-Living globes are printed from original charts.
  • Explain the difference between celestial and terrestrial?
    A celestial globe represents the stars and constellation. They are mapped onto a sphere to show how they appear in the night sky from the earth. A terrestrial globe is a sphere mapping the geographical formations of the earth.
  • What types of wood do you use in your products? Game boards, airplanes etc.
    We use various types of wood, depending upon the item. However, many items have been crafted from plantation grown mahogany, American cherry and birch woods.
  • What type of fuel is used in your oil burning lanterns?
    Lamp oil.
  • Do the model ships float?
    Our ship models are unique home décor pieces. They are not made to float in the water.
  • Are your ships and boats built to scale?
    We offer many different lines of ships and boats. Some of our ships are built to an exact scale of their originals while other ships and boats are purely home décor. We offer a line of America’s Cup Sailing Ships that are built to scale.
  • Explain 'plank on frame'.
    Sailing vessels were built by first creating a skeletal framework of the body. Wooden planks were then meticulously laid to create a watertight hull. Our ship models are fashioned in the same painstaking way.
  • What type of fluid do you put in a weatherglass? How do you use it?

    Weatherglasses are filled using water. Turn the faucet on to a small stream and fill through the neck of the glass. For various colors, use regular kitchen food coloring and add a couple of drops to reach the tint you desire. Weatherglasses are natural barometers and were used aboard sailing vessels to watch for inclement weather approaching. As the barometric pressure rises and falls inside the glass, the water also rises and falls in the neck of the glass. Low water depicts fair weather while higher water suggests worsening weather.

  • How can I hang an Airplane? Balloon?
    We have found that by hanging these items with fishing line, it gives the illusion of actual flight. Fishing line is included with these products.
  • Where are the shells gathered for your Shell Frames?
    Our shells are non-endangered; they are gathered on the beaches of the Spice Islands.
  • Are your inks washable? What are they made from?
    Our inks are not washable. Our inks are non-toxic and made from elements that meet the requirements of the EN71 test.
  • Does the Bugatti have a motor? Where can I buy a conversion kit?
    The Bugatti is a unique home décor piece. We do not sell it as a ‘motorized model’. All conversions would be at the owner’s discretion. We do not offer conversion kits.