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SS Britannic

SS Britannic | Classic Ships

SS Britannic


82 x 11x 32cms

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HMHS Britannic (1914), the third and largest Olympic-class ocean liner of the White Star Line, sister ship of RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic, sank in 1916 after hitting a mine with the loss of 30 lives. Although the White Star Line always denied what it called a 'legend',[1] most sources say that the ship was originally intended to be named Gigantic[2] (this is supported by a White Star pamphlet that advertised 'The Gigantic'). In the aftermath of the Titanic disaster, the name was changed to Britannic, making it the second of three ships to be so named (see SS Britannic (1874) and RMS Britannic (1929))...Model is hand-crafted from solid mahogany by master craftsmen.